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Hellooo wonderful people, 

We are back and are feeling better then ever. Two years ago we thought we knew it all, as you do. Full of confidence and enthusiasm at the prospect of a new business but looking back now.. we had no idea. It was our first time ever dealing with a website/online store, yes we had worked in the industry but we had minimal business experience. Do we wish we could turn back time and start fresh?? Maybe, but at the same time these past two years have taught us so much, many things you would only know or learn through trial and error. And now.. We have built a website that we are incredibly proud of and which gives us the freedom to express who are are as a brand. For those of you who have followed us through social media and shopped with us, thank you and for those to come…welcome! We hope you love our new easy to use website for the ultimate shopping experience and...

Welcome to our Wilechile Boutique Blog; a place to find clothing inspiration and style ideas, latest trends and brand releases. Unique, educational and seasonal activities for babies and kids. Healthy and fun food ideas. DIY ideas for kids rooms and nurseries..parties and celebrations,  pretty much all the fun parts of parenting!! We don’t want to just be a clothing store we want to be an one stop shop.. for all things kids!! 

We would love to hear from you - whether its things you would like to see on our blog, feedback or just to say hi! 

Stay tuned, 

Brooke and Elise x

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