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April Adventures

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K Guys, I think it's safe to say the colder April weather has arrived!! Which means it's time to think about getting our house fire going and cooking marshmallows - one of our favourite things to do. Along with heading out to our local forest, Woodhill and collecting pinecones. 

Autumn Activities in April. Collecting Pinecones from Woodhill Forest, Fun things to do with Kids for Free in Auckland

For as long as i can remember I have loved forests especially pine forests. I have the fondest memories of going away with my Nana to her batch in Waipu. When we would head up there in our school holidays during the colder months we would go collect pinecones for the fire and then after dinner as night fell we would get all cosy and watch it burn. 

Collecting Pinecones on a Crisp Autumn Day. Kids enjoying nature, exploring, adventuring.

I am hoping to pass my love for this down to my little bebes and there was a lot of excitement around it this past weekend. We are lucky enough to have the end of Woodhill forest just 10 minutes from our house.. few people venture down there so it feels like you are totally immersed in nature. It was a beautiful crisp, clear April day with a little chill and as we spotted and collected pinecones we were also lucky enough to discover three different types of mushrooms on the forest floor - an unexpected novelty. Chase loved pointing out the spiderwebs and birds we saw along the way. He also got very excited about the forest 'talking to him' when the wind blew through the trees which was very sweet, after that we had to use our quiet voices in case the forest needed to talk to us again. 

We found some pinecones, put them in the bag and keep searching. Free fun things to do with your kids these Easter holidays. Brought to you by Wilechile Boutique

Listening to the forest, exploring nature, kids enjoying nature and adventures. Auckland, NZ. Free activities for kids.

Autumn is the best time to collect pine cones, why not go explore with a purpose - even if you collect them for a grandparent or a friend. Sometimes it is so good for the soul to get out in nature and watch your children take in such simple moments of discovery and learning.  

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